Reisepass-Geldbörse, Gepäckanhänger, Kartenetui, Reisedokument, Organizer für Reisepass, Aufbewahrung, Gepäckzubehör, 4… Price:  21 (as of 10/04/2023 10:05 PST- Details)

Quality material: Our passport holder is made of durable faux leather and can be used as a portable wallet. The pendant is equipped with a sturdy buckle strap to attach the pendant to the suitcase
Practical design: there is a word pattern on the luggage tag that can quickly identify your suitcase, and the passport holder has the word “PASSPORT” with gold; it is a very elegant couple holder
Portable to use: our passport holder is lightweight and compact design, will not increase unnecessary volume or weight, you can also put it in a leather bag or large bag, very suitable for travel or business trip