Hop-Sport klappbare Hantelbank Kraftstation 1080 mit Langhantel Set Stange Gewichte 39/69/99 kg zur Wahl

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90 kg weight consisting of: 4×10 kg, 8×5 kg, 4×2.5 kg weight plates, barbell bar (167 cm, 9 kg). The total weight of the dumbbell set is: 99.5 kg.
Sturdy weight bench with adjustable weight rack. Solid steel construction made of square tubular frame with a profile thickness of 50 x 50 mm ensures not only comfort but also the safety of any training. The maximum load of this high-quality training bench is 250 kg, which thus also meets the demands of advanced users. Folds up conveniently to save space.
Weight bench: total length: 120 cm, total width: 60 cm, height when folded: 131 cm, material thickness: 5 cm x 5 cm, rubberised feet; dumbbell rack: height: min. 79 cm max. 98.5 cm; backrest: length: 110.5 cm, width: 25 cm, seat at the height of 40 cm.