Hanse Pro Waterbed Conditioner, 4 x 250 ml I Wasserbett I Konditionierer I Pflege I Reinigung I Schutz I Conditionierer…

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High active ingredient content: the Hansepro conditioner is very effective with the high active ingredient content of 13%. Suitable for water beds of all manufacturers. Keeps the water in your water bed fresh and clean.
Optimal protection: Hansepro conditioner combats micro-organisms, therefore works against fungi, yeast, bacteria, mould and algae. It prevents unpleasant odours and prevents limescale from sticking to the water bed core.
✓ Ideal cleaning and care: the waterbed conditioner cares for vinyl interior and fibre layers and contributes to increasing the life of your waterbed. Therefore, use the conditioner regularly. Recommended for a water quantity of 350 litres (= 1 side dual system) the addition of 125 ml per year or 250 ml annually.