emmi®-beauty HydraLift 30 ml – Apfelstammzellen Cremegel, Anti-Aging Gesichtscreme, Made in Germany, als Tages- und…

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Stem cells? Stem cells make a very important contribution to skin renewal. At the age of 20, the body consists of approx. 8% stem cells, at the age of 60 only approx. 4%. This means that wounds heal slower and the skin significantly loses elasticity and freshness.
Power from the fruit: just like our skin, plants also consist of stem cells. In a revolutionary process, these stem cells were extracted from natural Swiss apples and enriched into a rich skin cream.
Helps the skin to help yourself – Vegetable stem cells can support the body in their own collagen production sustainably and in the long term. This allows the skin to appear firm, plumper and more youthful.