com-four® 4x Beauty Make-Up Schwamm in Ei-Form, Schwämmchen in Wasser-Tröpfchen Optik ideal für Pulver, Creme und… Price:  15 (as of 09/04/2023 08:49 PST- Details)

Beauty Makeup Sponge in egg shape
Pick up the powder makeup or with the sponge and apply to the face use Trockenmakeup (powder): 1//Use Wet the liquid makeup: 1. sponge with warm water (not Triefend in water squeeze the sponge again) step 2 – Put sponge do so it is wet 3 Makeup on the face (forehead, cheeks, chin) and with the sponge spread for an even complexion
: 1 with gentle shampoo or a gentle soap gently and thoroughly in warm water for cleaning 2. rinse under running water to no more soap residue be rinsed out or 3rd allow to dry naturally//colours: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Purple